When would I need a fire risk assessment? 5 Scenarios where it may be necessary

Released On 20th Sep 2023

When would I need a fire risk assessment? 5 Scenarios where it may be necessary

Fire Risk Assessments are a crucial part of fire safety; they assess and pinpoint potential fire risks and provide recommendations ensuring safety for your property and occupants. But when would you need one? In this blog post we will go through some scenarios where a fire risk assessment is required.


  • Renovating

When undertaking renovations or expansions, your building's layout and/or usage may change. A fire risk assessment is crucial to put in safety measures to the new and altered environment.


  • Significant Changes in Building Use:

If you have made or are planning to make significant changes in how your building is used, it's essential to assess and update fire safety measures accordingly.


  • Purchasing a New Property:

Before buying a property, conducting a fire risk assessment can reveal hidden dangers and help in making informed decisions.


  • As Part of Ongoing Safety Practices:

Regular assessments help ensure safety since fire risks are continually managed and reduced.


  • For Peace of Mind: 

Ultimately, ensuring the safety of occupants and property should always be a priority. A fire risk assessment provides peace of mind, knowing that you've done everything possible to protect lives and assets.


Fire risk assessments are used in a range of different scenarios, but they all provide the same purpose – ensuring fire safety. 

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