Fire Risk Assessments
In Hospitality

In the last 4 years, the UK has witnessed over 6,400 fires in restaurants and other hospitality venues, a concerning though unsurprising statistic given the high-risk nature of these businesses. Hospitality businesses require special considerations and a more thorough fire risk assessment in some cases to ensure comprehensive protection from fire. 

Special consideration for Fire Risk Assessments for hospitality businesses

Kitchen and Cooking Safety 

During our fire risk assessments, we will inspect the maintenance of appliances to avert malfunctions causing fires, safe storage of flammable materials away from heat sources, adequate ventilation to prevent fume build-up and grease accumulation, and the installation and upkeep of efficient fire suppression systems, such as hood extinguishers, for rapid containment and extinguishing of potential kitchen fires.

Guest Safety

We meticulously address Guest Room Fire Safety by ensuring that each guest room is equipped with the necessary equipment and evacuation plans such as smoke detectors, sprinklers, and clear evacuation instructions, offering a robust response to fire emergencies. Simultaneously, we diligently evaluate all your exit routes, ensuring they are clearly marked and obstruction-free, facilitating swift and secure guest evacuation when required. This thorough approach guarantees heightened guest safety and effective fire preparedness throughout the establishment.

Staff Training and Communication 

We provide detailed guidance on evacuation protocols, optimal fire extinguisher utilisation, and effective communication procedures during emergencies. Additionally, we will define the roles and responsibilities that each staff member should have in the case of a fire. We will also provide you with the information that staff should convey to guests to ensure their safety in the event of a fire. If following our fire risk assessment staff should require fire awareness, extinguisher, and/or fire warden training - we provide these courses separately which you can find on our training courses page here.

Through a comprehensive fire risk assessment, our BAFE SP205 certified assessors will thoroughly evaluate your restaurant's safety measures. Our detailed fire risk assessment reports and expert guidance on the fire risk assessment steps will ensure that your establishment meets all fire risk assessment requirements and legal requirements. 

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