Fire Risk Assessments
In Offices

An office may not immediately appear prone to fire risks, but it poses its own set of unique challenges when it comes to ensuring a hazard-free workspace. Safeguarding offices from potential fire hazards and creating a secure working environment for your employees is not only a legal obligation but also proven to improve worker productivity. Our expert fire risk assessors will conduct a comprehensive fire risk assessment to identify and address hazards within your office.

Special considerations when conducting fire risk assessments in offices 

Unique critical aspects of fire safety hazards within the office include managing extensive cables from office equipment like printers, photocopiers, and computers. Overloading extension leads and plug sockets can also lead to electrical fires, and these cables can also pose a trip hazard during emergencies. 

Careful planning and strategic placement of office equipment are crucial to ensure unobstructed escape routes for employees in the event of a fire. Our fire risk assessment report will provide you with actionable recommendations to optimise office layouts and improve escape routes. 

We even acknowledge the often overlooked threat of flammable materials like cardboard and paper commonly found in office spaces. Proper storage and proximity to potential fire hazards need to be carefully considered to prevent the rapid spread of fire. 

Trust our BAFE SP205 certified assessors to guide you through the fire risk assessment legal requirements; ensuring that your workplace adheres to all necessary aspects so that you are protected in the event of a fire. We will even provide you with a fire safety logbook to make it simple and easy to evidence taking all responsible steps that were recommended in the fire safety assessment report. 

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