Fire Risk Assessments
For Industrial Sites

Industrial sites, particularly manufacturing facilities, carry the highest risk of fires in the UK, with 1,749 reported fires in 2020/21 alone. It's not surprising, considering the key factors within manufacturing sites that increase the risk of fires breaking out. Safeguarding manufacturing premises and employees from potential fire hazards is vital for any manufacturing business looking to remain in the sector.  

Our expert fire risk assessors follow a comprehensive fire risk assessment checklist tailored specifically for manufacturing facilities. We conduct thorough assessments to identify and address the key risk factors prevalent in manufacturing environments.

Common factors that lead to the breakout of fire within manufacturing premises include:  

  • Flammable Materials - Our assessment ensures these materials are properly stored and handled to prevent potential ignitions
  • Hot Work Operations - We assess these activities and implement adequate safety measures to prevent sparks or slag from igniting nearby flammable materials or gases.
  • Combustible Dust - Our experts evaluate the risk of dust accumulation and implement measures to prevent dust explosions.
  • Machinery and Equipment - We assess mechanical failures, electrical malfunctions, overheating, or friction risks and provide recommendations to prevent potential fires.  

As BAFE and NAFRAR tier 3 certified risk assessors, we are highly qualified to perform comprehensive assessments on your manufacturing premises. We develop appropriate hazard mitigation strategies and provide you with an in-depth fire risk assessment report and ongoing documentation to ensure your factory remains fire-safe, meeting all fire risk assessment requirements and legal obligations. 

After completing the initial risk assessment, conduct regular fire risk assessments at frequent intervals to ensure that your manufacturing facility remains up to date with the latest safety standards. Let our experts guide you on how often your facility should be assessed to maintain continuous protection and ensure that in the event of a fire, you are covered by your insurance policy.

We will prioritise fire safety in your manufacturing facility, mitigating risks and protecting your employees and assets. Use our free online quote calculator to estimate the cost of performing a fire risk assessment for your property. 

Gain peace of mind, contact us today to schedule a fire risk assessment and create a safer work environment. Alternatively, get a quote using our form here