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Fire Consultancy

Ensure a successful and cost-efficient building or renovation project by consulting us during the early stages of the project. We will help you identify potential fire hazards, implement necessary safety measures, and meet all fire safety legal requirements. By proactively prioritising fire safety from the start, not only do you safeguard lives, but save time and money on future refits and alterations. Build with confidence and enjoy lasting peace of mind, knowing you've met all legal requirements with the help of BAFE SP205 certified experts.

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What do we consider during consultancy?

Although consultancy will be bespoke to the project in question there are essential aspects of fire safety that we will seek to address which include: 

  • Advice when converting a premises
  • What to expect in your Fire Risk Assessment
  • If you need any advice replating to Fire Safety Guidance
  • Fire Requirements for your premises
  • Advice on evacuation procedures in the event of a fire
  • Advice on anything fire safety related
  • Reviewing Plans and Commenting on new building design

In an increasingly complex world, we apply our experience and expertise to provide fire consultancy and services to address fire safety concerns and issues normally raised by the local Building Control and The Fire and Rescue Service.


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  • New construction projects
  • Renovation or refurbishing pre-existing buildings 
  • Changing the intended use of a pre-existing building
  • Pre-assessing a new building prior to purchase