What are the benefits of fire extinguisher training?

Released On 15th Aug 2023

What are the benefits of fire extinguisher training?

Live fire training isn't just fun for employees, it can be incredibly important for employers.

Giving your employees realistic experience and training using different techniques to put out real fires can save employers in more ways than they realise.

Protection - Upskilling your employees with the abilities to combat fires before they become a large risk to life and the building can potential save the entire business from being burnt down.

Liability - If an employee is ill trained to combat a fire situation and is injured in the process of doing so, the employer is liable to be sued for any harm that comes to that employee. By helping employees to tackle fire situations in a safe and controlled manner, employers can protect themselves from being liable.

Creating a safety orientated culture - By upskilling employees with the ability to protect themselves and others through live fire training, employees feel safer and valued by their organisation, aiding in workplace satisfaction and productivity.

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