Three things you should never do to your fire door

Released On 15th Aug 2023

Three things you should never do to your fire door

Fire doors are vitally important elements of fire safety.

Fire doors protect residents from the spread of fire and smoke, with smoke inhalation being the most likely cause of death during a fire.

Here are three golden rules that you can follow to help your fire doors protect you:

1. Never prop, wedge, or tie your doors open as this will stop them from preventing fire and smoke from spreading throughout the building

2. Never tamper with a fire door 'Closer' as these ensure the fire door shuts after each use.

3. Do not alter fire doors in any way as any alterations made to the door may impede its ability to perform its role.

If you think there are any problems with your fire door you should contact the 'responsible person' for the door to ensure its up to code. Furthermore, why not contact us to perform a full risk assessment of your building so you can have the peace of mind knowing you and everyone in your building is safe from the risk of fire.

Contact us to make sure your fire doors are up for the task. 

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