4 Fire Safety Considerations in Holiday Lets

Released On 15th Nov 2023

4 Fire Safety Considerations in Holiday Lets

Do you own a holiday let? Are you aware of the fire safety considerations?

Today we will be talking you through some of the considerations that need to be taken into account during a fire risk assessment of a holiday let. These different aspects will improve the fire safety of the property when corrected.

1. Emergency Lighting

Are there external sources nearby to help in case of an emergency?

It's important to consider whether sources like nearby street lamps can provide sufficient illumination for occupants to safely exit the premises. This will be necessary if the regular indoor lighting is lost as a result of a fire.

2. Doors

Do you have escape route doors?

Escape route doors must possess a 30-minute fire protection capacity or an alternative solution that provides an equivalent level of safeguarding to the desired exit route. All exit doors should also have a lock that doesn't require a key on the inside.

3. Smoke detectors & Fire Alarms

Are they in all the necessary rooms?

Smoke detectors and fire alarms must be hard-wired and interconnected in all bedrooms, living rooms, protected escape routes, hallways, corridors, staircases, and dining rooms connected to the main fire exit.

4. Escape Planning

Is your plan visible to guests? Does it consider a range of factors?

A simple plan drawing, instructions on bedroom doors, and welcome packs can aid guests. Evacuation plans should cater to various guests' needs, considering factors like age, mobility, and language. Directing guests to the nearest exit and contacting the fire service from outside the premises is crucial.

Does my holiday let need a fire risk assessment? 

It is a legal requirement for holiday let properties to have a written, full-length risk assessment completed on them.

Let us ensure your holiday let is safe. Contact us to book a fire risk assessment on your holiday let.  Alternatively, get a quote using our form here.

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