3 Common Fire Safety Risks in Offices

Released On 1st Nov 2023

3 Common Fire Safety Risks in Offices

Offices may not seem as though they pose many fire risk threats, however there are always things to be cautious about. We will be sharing three common risks to help you keep your environment fire safe.

1. Managing extensive cables from office equipment

Ensure that all cables for things like printers, photocopiers, computers, are safe to use. Damaged cables can lead to electrical fires. Also, they can be a trip hazard in case of emergencies, meaning safe evacuation will be hindered.

2. Overloading extension leads and plug sockets

With the need for several devices and wide range of equipment, there will be lots of cables to deal with. You may be tempted to overuse extension leads and plug sockets, however this can be very dangerous. It may result in an electrical fire since the plug could overheat.

3. Threat of flammable materials

Materials within an office, such as cardboard and paper, can be flammable and so they should be stored carefully to prevent the rapid spread of fires.                                                                   

Through fire risk assessments, we can ensure that your workspace adheres to all the necessary aspects so that you are protected in the event of a fire.  Want to find out more about fire risk assessments? Read our page here.

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