Fire Risk Assessments: What can I expect during an assessment?

Released On 6th Oct 2023

Fire Risk Assessments: What can I expect during an assessment?


As a landlord, employer, or any type of building manager, you hold a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and well-being of those within your premises. A crucial step within achieving this is a fire risk assessment. Although that leaves the question, what can I expect. 


What is a fire risk assessment?

A fire risk assessment is where potential fire risks are looked at and you are provided with a report that includes expert recommendations to improve fire safety measures.


What to expect:

Every fire risk assessment is unique, however there are some common objectives which we will discuss.

  • We will establish procedures/standards/management systems for how fire safety can be managed within your premises.


  • Responsibilities will be allocated to people within your organization to put the principle of prevention, active and passive protection, and emergency response, in place.


  • We will identify the standards of your escape route, fire alarm, and extinguishing systems and check you are equipped for safe evacuation.


  • Responsibilities are also allocated to ensure fire safety equipment, devices, and extinguishing systems, are installed, tested, and maintained at the right standard.


  • We identify standards that need to be put in place to safely control combustible, flammable, or explosive materials.


  • Allocate responsibilities for: executing fire emergency plans, implementing evacuation procedures, leading initial firefighting efforts, initiating contact with the fire service, coordinating emergency responses, and organising staff training.


Assigning roles and responsibilities to staff members for the oversight and examination of all fire safety management systems and procedures.

Fire risk assessments essentially provide a framework for enhancing fire safety and ensures your premises are in compliance with regulations. You will be provided with an identification of potential fire hazard and also the recommendations to fix/manage these.

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